Pallas USA




Pallas-USA is a strategic partnership between Pallas GmbH (Germany) and Furnace MFG (USA) formed to cater to markets in North America and points outside of Europe. In just a few years we've successfully surpassed our goal of filling almost 70% of pressing capacity for these markets.
Karl Neumann founded Pallas GmbH as a vinyl record pressing plant in 1949. It's been a family business ever since. Karls' son Rolf took over in 1974. Though Rolf's son Holger has since taken over as the acting director of the operation, Rolf remains active in the plant's day to day workings.

The industry has changed a great deal through the years, with Pallas being at the leading edge of many of the record pressing industry's advancements. In the 1960s Pallas invested a great deal of time and money to bring automation to the record pressing process. Creating a more consistent and stable pressing environment has allowed Pallas to produce consistently high quality vinyl records throughout the entire run cycle. Before this innovation, records were pressed manually, so the cycle times varied record to record, as did the quality.

Pallas branched out into CD manufacturing in the 1980s, later adding DVDs and more recently Blu-Ray disc replication. While this "new fangled" technology eventually accounted for a large part of Pallas's yearly revenue, the company never gave up on the vinyl format even during the lean years. Now with vinyl again ascendant, Pallas's 60 years of experience coupled with their German precision sets it apart from the rest of the field.

Pallas continues to innovate to this day with continued advancements in automation, galvanic techniques and refined PVC formulation, thus continually raising the bar in terms of quality, lead times and customer service.




Eric Astor – President and CEO

As a music industry veteran with decades of experience running record labels, distribution companies and as a touring musician, Eric realized over the years that it was difficult for independent artists to find a company that could press high quality vinyl at a fair price with good service. And not just good service – but consistent quality that would mean clients never had to wonder if their order would meet expectations and make THEM look good. Eric founded Pallas-USA with these goals in mind and he has since built the company into one of the nation's most well-respected vinyl pressing companies, while also acting as the company's beacon, paving new roads in sales and product development.

Ali Miller – Production Manager

As a seasoned professional in all that is duplication, Ali manages every detail of our manufacturing processes and the staff that gets your order from our facility to your door. With six years in the business under her belt, she's Pallas-USA's go-to gal for everything from job scheduling to customer service. Her dedication to your order keeps our customers coming back and we're equally delighted that she's dedicated to us as well!